Trump “Criminal”


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Mistakes happen! Even we sometimes mess up the application of a decal- that’s why we include one extra of any decal designs/colors you order. If something goes wrong with the application you can take another shot at it! Order one, we’ll send a second; order two, we’ll send a third!




Vinyl decals can be applied on just about any smooth clean surface– Cars, trucks, windows, laptops, tablets, cellphones, glasses, cups, coolers, and more.

These decals are made with high quality 6-year Oracal 651 vinyl, meaning they are rated to stand up the the elements of outdoor use for a full 6 years if properly applied to a clean surface.
If applied to drink ware, items will need to be hand washed to avoid damage to decal.

Application on rough or unfinished surface, such as rust or flaking paint, will cause texture to be visible on the applied decal surface. Doing so will also likely compromise the longevity of the decal and may result a decreased lifespan of the decal.

Application Instuctions:
– Clean surface with rubbing alcohol. Do not use windex.
– Allow the surface to dry for approximately 30 seconds.
– Place decal tape side down
– Keeping the decal flat, peel the paper backing by pulling flat across the surface
– Apply an edge of the application tape and use a credit card to squeegee the decal onto the surface
– Use the credit card to press out any bubbles in the application
– Peel back the application tape by peeling flat across the decal

* Gold and Silver are rated for 4 years of outdoor exposure rather than the standard 6 years.

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